african penguin
MADRID , More from 1 . 000 a migrant Ceuta , enkalv in perbatasan Spain perbatasan invades to a fence and finally involved quarrel with a police.

Five official a sentry perbatasan and tens an immigrant terluka in disturbance dipicu by a charge 1 . 000 a migrant mentioned .

A rubber a migrant generally come from from Morocco from that Africa . a professional man mengatakan speaks in Cueta , 50 a member Morocco and five official official a security terluka .

Obey The Independent , A Sunday ( 1 1 2017 ), a rubber a migrant will break in perbatasan and endeavor a city enters Ceuta A misunderstanding one from two teritori ( besides a city Melilla ) dikuasai Spain in a land Africa .

Obey a corner speaks, two persons endeavor for a fence climbs as high as 20 that meter and endeavor a land reaches Keduanya terluka and dibawa to a sick house.

No with interruption , sekitar 100 a person endeavors climb however, petigas Spain finally send back kembali to Morocco .

A month always, 400 a migrant a fence reaches also perbatasan in Ceuta in an effort for a land reaches Europe Spain through.

Every year there is a migrant and pengungsi – from states in a district Africa , a portion in among ilegal stays way in Morocco , endeavor reach A city Ceuta and Melilla am with maksud in in a domain Europe stays.

However, a biggest portion a migrant ilegal that dicegah and is sent return to Morocco . always together success an insularity arrives in that two cities can direpatriasi .

Ribuan a person lainnya endeavors Europe reaches with a sea sacks Mediterania ( a sea), and generally with menggunakan patrol boat a wood and a small ship.

On a year 2016 only, Missing obeys Migrants upward, almost 5 . 000 a migrant diperkirakan dies sink mentioned in an effort in open territorial water for a Greek, Spain reach, And Italia . – african penguin


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